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Contact Us:
One Choctaw Way Talihina, OK 74571
(918)567-7000 or (800)349-7026
Hours Of Operations:
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

In 1999, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma was the first tribe to build its own hospital with its own funding. The Choctaw Nation Health Care Center is a 140,000 square foot health facility with 44 hospital beds for inpatient care and 52 outpatient exam rooms located in Talihina, OK. This is the center or hub of our health care services covering 10 1/2 counties of southeastern Oklahoma.

Choctaw Nation Health Services provides more than just hospital care. In addition to being a 44 bed hospital, the Talihina facility houses Dental, Laboratory, X-Ray, CT and MRI Scanning, Mammography, Ultrasound, Pharmacy, Primary Medical Care, Surgical, Emergent Care, Physical and Respiratory Therapy, Transportation, Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Podiatry, Telemedicine and Ophthalmology. Also on campus is a Diabetic Wellness facility with a fitness center. Additional services located off-campus includes Behavioral Health, Women’s and Men’s Substance Abuse facilities and Optometry.

One of the great benefits to the Choctaw Nation Health Services is that the areas of care are located in many cities so that they can provide health care close to where their patients live. The health system has seven outlying clinics located in: Atoka, Broken Bow, Hugo, Idabel, McAlester, Poteau and Stigler as well as an Employee Health clinic located in Durant and a Community Clinic in downtown Talihina.

Boasting a multi-specialty medical staff, Choctaw Nation Health Services renders medical care through both inpatient services and over 540,000 outpatient visits annually.

Our mission is “To provide the highest quality care to the people we serve.” We are relentless and uncompromising as we fulfill our mission to improve the health of the people we serve. Honoring our values of compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence compels us to do no less.

Our Staff:
Facility Director:
Kelly Mings, Hospital Administrator
Yamini Atluri, M.D., Internal Medicine Physician
Anwar N. Barnouti, Physician IM, Internal Medicine
Dale E. Baughman, CRNA, Anesthesia
Dee D. Baughman, D.O., ER Director, Emergency
Mary Boerner, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Amanda G. Chisum-Price, MD, General Surgeon, General Surgery
Ashton B. Clayborn, D.O., Physician, Family Practice
Marie C. Cole, Physician, Pediatrics
David D. Cook, D.O., Physician, Family Practice
Keneth C. Copeland, Endocrinologist, Peds Endo
Grant N. Corning, Opthalmologist, Ophthalmology
Thomas L. Coury, Dentist
Olin W. Fenton, OD, Optometrist, Optometry
A. Dean Flanagan, M.D., General Surgeon, General Surgery
Earl Garrison, D.O., Physician & Div Director, Anesthesia
David B. Glover M.D., MD, OB/Gyn
Floyd K.Goodman, Physician OBGYN, OB/Gyn
Thomas B. Hagelberger, PA-C FAAPM, Physician Assistant
Dixie Hammons, MS/ARNP/CDE, DWC- Nurse Practioner
Debra N. Hefner, Physician, Family Practice
Jennie C. Hennigar, D.M.D., Dentist, Internal Medicine
Jason L. Hill, D.O., Chief Medical Officer
Barbara J Howell, Physician, Pediatrics
Paul K. Howell Jr. M.D., Endocrinologist, Endocrinology
Carla A. Huckabee, CNM, Certified Nurse Midwife
Rhonda R. Huie PA-C M.H.S, Physician Assistant
Deborah A. Jarrett, CNM, Certfied Nurse Midwife
Nancy A. Jefferson, ARNP, Provider
John L. Kareus, D.O., Physician
Ian S. Kirkpatrick, D.O., Physician, Family Practice
W. Lyndon Lamb, D.P.M., Podiatrist, Podiatry
David W. Lee, D.O., Physician, Family Practice
Eric S. Lee, D.O., Physician, Family Practice
Herve A. Lucier, PA-C, Certified Physician Assitant
Ryan D. Magnus, Psychiatrist, Psychiatry
Mike Martin, Podiatrist, Podiatry
Michael E. Marvin, Physicain, OB/Gyn
David C. Mathis, DDS, Dentist
Hamzah Miltaha, M.D., Physician, Pediatrics
Arpana Neupane, M.D., Internal Medicine Physician
Xuan Thao N. Nghe D.O., Physician, Family Practice
Vu A. Ngo, D.O., Physician, Family Practice
Sara A. Owers, CRNA, Anesthesia
Valerie M. Pack, D.O., Physician, Family Practice
Sudha Pravinkumar, MD, Internal Medicine
Jason K. Regan, D.O., Physician, Emergency
Valerie E.J. Robinson, Physician, Family Practice
Johnny R. Rodriguez, DO, General Surgeon, General Surgery
JoAnn C. Rosenberger, PNP, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, ARNP
Charles B. Scott, Dentist
Danny Silver, M.D., Physician, Emergency
Steven Smith, Physician-Orthopedic Surgeon, Orthopedic Surgery
George A. Stephens M.D., MD, OMT
Keerthi N. Surakanti, M.D., Physician, Pediatrics
Cheryl D. Tarver, APRN, CNM, Nurse Midwife
Suzanne Tarver, PA-C, Physician Assistant, Emergency
Luis M. Taveras M.D., MD, Family Practice
Karen Ann Taylor, ARNP, Psych Nurse Pract.
Saras Vadlamudi, M.D., Internal Medicine Physician
Dakota S. Waldroop, Optometrist, Internal Medicine
Bridget A. Walsh, D.O., Physician IM, Internal Medicine
Richard C. Weis, Physician, Internal Medicine
Donald A. Welk, DDS, Dentist
James K. Wilson, CRNA, Anesthesia
Gary E. Work, ER Physician, Emergency
David W. Young, ER Physician, Emergency