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What Choctaw Nation P.A.C.E. provides for you…

Provide the registration fee for designated number of selected walk/runs throughout the year.  
Provide contact information for walking/jogging groups

What you as a P.A.C.E. Club Member will provide for us…

Attend the walk/runs throughout the year.
Join walking/running clubs if desired.


 You must pre-register for each race. 
 P.A.C.E. program will not accept any race day registration. 
 P.A.C.E program also keeps track of race attendance. If you miss 3 races (that you 
sign up for) throughout the calendar year (January-December), you will forfeit your 
membership privileges for the next 12 months. 
 You will become “inactive” by not attending at least one P.A.C.E. walk/run event 
every 6 months from sign on date. At the point of “inactive” you will forfeit your 
membership privileges and you must wait 12 months before you submit a new 
P.A.C.E. application. 
 You must complete a survey after completion of each race to evaluate each race to 
assist us in better determining P.A.C.E. races for the next year.